DSC_0114080207Friends in Amsterdam was especially developed for visitors to Amsterdam.  Because even if you trawl through all the websites and even if you read all there is to read: there is no way you can know what the locals know. Where do they sell the best herring? Where can you go to recover after having spent hours in in the Rijksmuseum? Where are the interesting pop-up stores? What’s on tonight that’s worth seeing?

Friends in Amsterdam develops an itinerary especially for you – an Amsterplan – designed around the things you are interested in. All the things, cultural or otherwise, you want to see, do or experience in our amazing city.  We include tips, tricks and useful extras, so you don’t miss out.

And we organise everything. Purchase tickets on your behalf and make reservations. We provide you with both a digital and a hard copy of your Amsterplan. You will feel like a local amongst locals.

Friends in Amsterdam makes things easy, so you don’t have to miss out and you can discover the city at your own pace. You won’t get lost, you won’t end up in tourist traps and you won’t have to deal with those pesky guides. You can just pretend you are a local.

The faces of Friends in Amsterdam

130115 website fia fotoElvira Veenings
Globetrotter, culture vulture, has Amsterdam coursing through her veins.
Star organizer, founding member of Nini’s Productions (now Dechesne & Boertje) an event marketing organization second to none that has won numerous awards.
Later,  she established her own company L4-vertalingen and added a long list of beautiful literary translations and campaigns to her name.
Her latest venture is Friends in Amsterdam,  born of her own love of travel and passion for Amsterdam.

Gwen Hoopman:
Born and bred in Amsterdam, studied Fine Arts at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and received a Bachelor of Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Gwen knows Amsterdam like no other and particularly in terms of fashion and design.

Joel Bijlmer
Our website guru.

fotosJan Hoopman
Illustrator, gallery owner and culinary buff.

Frans van Stralen

Yolanda Strauss -Jongejan
Text wizard English

Miryam MacPherson
Text wizard Spanish

fotos2Club of Wise (Wo)men
•    Pieter Bas Boertje
•    Michiel Buchel
•    Kim Cramer
•    Janine Dechesne
•    Alexander Koene
•    Frederik Melchior



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